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Fest that it is repeated every year on the occasion of the carnival to Venice. Its origin goes up again to the celebrations probably announced in 1662 for the victory of the doge of Venice on the patriarch of Aquileia. The carnival was celebrated initially the only Shrove Thursday with competitions, fires of artifice, games and shows in which it participated the whole population. In the Seven hundred one the noble were camouflaged behind the bauta, a black cape of velvet or silk with hood, to which a mask had fixed to also cover the face; the different districts of the city elaborated masks and proper customs as the varied guilds of work. 

With the time, the spectacular dimension and of collective fun of the carnival took upper hand on the symbolic value of the party, that had to represent the last exult of joy and lack of restraint before the period of penitence of the Lent. After the decline in the XIX century and in the first half of the XX, in 1980 the authorities encouraged the rebirth of the Venetian carnival, that currently lasts almost one month (with the peak in the last week) and it attracts thousand of tourists from the whole world.

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Carnival 2010 Past Carnival



The Carnival of Venice 2010

06/02/2010 - 16/02/2010

"Sensation: 6 sensi per 6 sestieri"


Programme and the pictures of Carnival 2010




The most beautiful pictures of the past Carnival

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Carnival 2010 Past Carnival