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Myanmar (Pyidaungsu Myanma Naingngandaw; Union of Myanmar), republic of the South East of Asia delimited to north from China, to east from China, from Laos and from Thailand, to south from the sea of the Andamanes and from the Bengala Gulf, to west from the Bengala Gulf, from Bangladesh and from India. The surface of the country is of 676.552 kmqs and the capital city is Rangoon (Yangon). Burma has assumed the name of Myanmar in 1989.

The country has a population of 41.994.678 inhabitants (2001), whose middle density is of 62 unities for kmq; the form of prevailing installation is the rural village. Of Mongol race the Burmese people, similar to the Tibetans and the Chinese, represent 72% of the population of the country; between the numerous other ethnic groups, that still possess distinguished cultural and linguistic lines, the most important is the karens (8%), that populate the most southern zones; the shans (7%), similar to the thai (also for that concerns the language), that live on the homonym highland organized in feudal structures; the mons (2%), present mainly in the region of the delta, that go assimilating him with the Burmese majority; the chins (2%), that live of hunting and fishing in the North-West mountainous zones and they are in hold relationship with the groups of the bordering Indian state of the Assam; and the kachins (2%) which, assembled on the mountains of the extreme north, have many lines similar to the Chinese neighbors. In the country they are besides present wide minorities of immigrated Chinese and Indians.


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