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Tripoli (Arabic Tarabulus al-Gharb), capital of Libya, chief town of the homonym district, harbour on the Mediterranean sea, in the region western north of the country. It is the principal harbour, commercial and industrial center of Libya, center of alimentary, textile, tannery industries, of the attire, of the tobacco and of materials for the housebuilding. Tripoli possesses an international airport, it is center of the university Alfateh, and of numerous institutes of art and craftsmanship. Cultural institutions of relief are the government archives (with an ample collection of documents related to the history of the Tripolitania) and the government library. Of big cultural interest also the museums of natural history, of archaeology, of ethnography (with a collection of regional manufactured articles), of epigraphy (with registrations of the Phoenician, Roman and Byzantine periods), and the Islamic museum. Between the principal monuments of the city they are the arc of Marc Aurelius (erected in the II century in honor of the Roman emperor), the mosque Caramanli (XVIII century) and the Arabic castle (once fortitude) dated to the XVI century. There are many colonial buildings, historical mosques and an animate Medina, but particularly the city is different from others big cities of the North Africa because the Turkish and Italian colonial periods have left a sign in its architecture.

The city had founded probably from the Phoenicians in the VII century with the name of Oea. Become Arabic fortress in 645 d.C., it entered to belong to the Ottoman empire in the XII century and in 1551 it fell in the hands of the Turks. Tripoli was occupied by Italians in 1911, during the italo-Turkish war. When the country got independence, in 1951, Tripoli and Bengazi became both capitals, but to the beginning of the years Seventy man role was assumed from the city of Tripoli.

Inhabitants: 1.500.000 (1994). 



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