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Sabratha  Roman city of the province of Africa, placed around 60 kms to west of Tripoli, on the coast of actual Libya. Punic emporium, Roman city, it knew in the 2nd century AD great prosperity and urbanistic expansion. From this period it is its more famous monument, the theatre, today completely restored. Between the most interesting rests in the ancient city there are the area of the Forum and the sanctuary of Iside, further to some thermal baths and to the Christian basilicas, between which the Basilica of Justinian, with an exceptional mosaic pave, preserved in the local museum.

After the crisis of the IV and V AD century, the Byzantine reconquest of Africa meant for Sabratha a new period of flowering. Following the Arabic invasion of the Tripoli's Region (VII century AD), the city had abandoned. Its rediscovery happened in the XX century to work of Italian archaeologists.



Sabratha 1 Sabratha 2 Sabratha 3